Pinup Modelling

Hayley's Pinup modelling career started in Melbourne, Australia where she represented Vivien Of Holloway in multiple runway shows. She does her own makeup and hair for each show/performance.

Her dancing ability also shines through here, where she most recently starred in the Inferno's Music Video, Stuttering Cindy.


behind the scenes

Shot by Kid Hudson, this video shows the behind the scenes dancing that went into the Stuttering Cindy music video. Hayley is here, dancing with Peter Middleton.


Runway Modelling

Making the most of her hourglass figure, Hayley embraces the Pinup/1950s era. Hayley has modeled at many different Rockabilly events throughout Melbourne, Australia.


Swing Dancing

Hayley has been dancing different forms of Swing since the age of 7. She is proficient in Rock n Roll, Lindy Hop, Pub Rock and Jive. This skill added a unique element to the runway modelling, with Hayley often stepping down from the runway to dance in front of the other models, fully showing off the dresses.